Data Driven Analytics

What we offer

Data Gathering

(from Dynamic and Real-Time Sources like Social Media – Facebook/Twitter, Web Crawling, APIs, other publicly available Data)
(from Static Sources like CRM, DataBase, Excel, etc…)

Data Digitization

Many a times the data that you posses maybe in digital format, but it may not be readily consumable for Data Analytics. We help you convert non-structural data source into strucutural data, for Analytics.

Pattern Recognition and Linear Predictive Analysis

We utilize tools along with the experience of our Data Scientists and experts to recognize re-occurring Patterns in your existing data and then help you linearly predict futuristic values, with acceptable accuracy. Eg: Sales Forecasting.

Behavioral And Sentiment Analysis

Analyzing the behavior of consumers may give deep insights into the acceptance of certain Products/Services in a given market condition. We can co-relate data from different sources and apply Cognitive Computing tools to analyze trends of consumer behavior, which will allow us to highlight areas of concern and improve strategies.

Predictive Analytics

By Applying Machine Learning algorithms, we can get a sneak peek into the future.

Data Visualization

We use state-of-the-Art Data Visualization Tools to create highly customizable dashboards, which can be Real-Time as well and can be viewed in your Smart Device, as well as Laptops/Desktops.

Areas / Verticals

  • Product/Service Sales
  • Agriculture
  • Politics
  • Healthcare
  • IoT/Sensor Data

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