How We Do IT?

We make this happen, by adopting simple, efficient and affordable Open-Source Technologies, which are Software-Defined, hardware-agnostic and with the ability to seamlessly integrate into Cloud (Public & Private) in a secure/protected manner.

Open-Source Technologies that we are competent on include, but are not limited to –

  • DevOps CI/CD Tools – like Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet
  • OpenStack – Nova, Neutron, Ceph, Swift.
    • We have expertise in Open-source distributions of Apache,
    • As well as, other Distributions from Mirantis and RedHat.
  • Server Virtualization & Desktop Virtualization on OpenStack.
  • Build OpenStack-enabled Dashboards, and self-service portals.
  • Public Cloud Management and Integration – AWS, Azure
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • Web Application Firewall – Modsecurity
  • Software Firewall like PFsense
  • Log Monitoring – (Elasticsearch,Logstash, Kibana) ELK
  • Version Control systems – SVN, Gitlab
  • Monitoring Tools – Zabbix, NagiOS
  • Opensource Service Management Tools : OTRS

Paramaah, has also got the experience and expertise to not only help you architect and deploy the mentioned technologies, but also Design, Architect, Size, Recommend and Deploy the Hardware Infrastructure to best suit your needs and pocket.

These include, but are not limited to

  • Hyper-Converged Solutions
  • X86 Servers
  • Networking (Switching & Routing)
  • Storage (SAN, NAS, Object, Scale-Out, Software-Defined)
  • Web Security & Network Security (UTM, IPS / IDS)
  • Data Protection (Backup – Software & Appliances)
  • Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery)

We do understand that IT Teams face certain challenges to adopt Open-Source Technologies, like Lack of Skill sets to understand, learn, quickly adopt & maintain. To add to them it becomes increasingly difficult to retain employees on whom company had invested in getting them skilled on Open-Source technologies.

Paramaah has a simple solution for you here as well. You can engage us in any of the following ways – 

  • One-time Assessment and Design Consultation
  • One-time Implementation / Deployment Services
  • On-going support Services in multiples of 6-Months.

Any of these service engagements can be combined with one another, and their scope can be customised as per your needs.

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