Zabbix is an enterprise-grade, 100% open-source platform to monitor IT environments. Zabbix develops monitoring software and offers a wide range of professional services from consultancy to turn-key solutions, 24/7 technical support, and professional multilevel training. It can handle real-time monitoring of millions of metrics, across sources, scaling efficiently to meet demands.

ZABBIX is Open Source, and hence the only cost that you have to bear, is the one-time deployment and configuration cost as per your respective environments. Paramaah can also have long-term support contracts with you on a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model.

Zabbix has been translated to 15 languages In over 18 Years, monitored over 100,000 devices, and collected over 10 million metrics across 2 million yearly downloads. Zabbix is a universally acclaimed tool used by more than 50 of the Fortune 500 companies.

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Why Paramaah recommends Zabbix?

Enterprise Class Features & Robustness

Zabbix can monitor anything, anywhere, and anytime.

Deployment Architecture to cater any IT Environment

Zabbix can be deployed on-premises or on-cloud, across sites with a single dashboard.

Flexibility to choose any Hardware and operating environment

You are free to choose your hardware and OS vendor.


Zabbix can monitor more than hundreds of thousands of devices in any given environment and can capture millions of metrics.

Custom visualisations

Zabbix can help you to build your own Graphs and Charts as per your need.

Very Low TCO & High ROI

Zero CapEx cost and very minimal OpEx cost

Paramaah's comprehensive documentation

We provide a detailed KT team on deployment and maintenance as well as complete documentation as per global standards.

Been there, done that...

We have experience in deploying and maintaining Zabbix for Global Enterprises

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Call : +91-72043 93736