Our Company

Param `aah
In Sanskrit means – “The Highest Goal”
It is our constant endeavour to align ourselves to your Business and IT “Goals”, by understanding your needs and delivering practical, timely and affordable Design and Deployment services that are secure.

Our mission

Today, businesses and organizations are under extreme pressure of constantly changing circumstances around the world, which are probably induced by political, social, geographical and economic factors. This clearly affects consumer behaviour, and the business needs to respond to these changes with speed, agility and accuracy.

In order to execute these strategies, businesses turn to the technology teams to be their enablers. Hence, the CTOs and CIOs, along with their IT teams are under constant pressure to deliver what the business needs, but with ever-reducing IT budgets and shrinking turn-around times.

Having been in this industry for decades, and having witnessed these trends, first-hand, we truly understand this, and we firmly believe that we do have the knowledge, expertise and commitment to help IT organizations overcome these hurdles, and successfully attain their business and technology goals.

How Paramaah can help

  • You don’t have to deal with Recruitment, Training and Managing resources. Instead, you can hire an entire team of specialized IT professionals at a flat monthly rate customized to your organization needs.
  • Scale Up or Scale Down based on resource pricing in the contract mutually agreed upon.
  • We follow a model of offshore resources which lowers the average cost and widens your resource base. Moreover, since you sign a service-level agreement that’s tailored to your organization’s unique needs, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected service costs. This will enable your organization to shift from a Capital Expense model to an Operating Expense model.  
  • We use remote monitoring and management to proactively identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot potential problems before they ever have a chance to become an issue.
  • We support multiple time zones and offer 24/7 support
  • Focus on Your Core Objectives, we will fill in the gaps as needed.

choose us

You should choose our company because we offer top-notch tech experts who can help you with your most important needs. Our team includes experienced architects who have advised some of the world's leading technology leaders.

Value Relationship

Fostering tech solutions that prioritize your success, because at PARAMAAH, value is our relationship.

Business Ethics

Excellence through integrity: Our commitment to ethical business practices drives everything we do at PARAMAAH


Transforming ideas into reality, fuelling progress through innovation at PARAMAAH


Empowering your growth journey, one technological leap at a time with PARAMAAH

Team Work

Collaborating to conquer challenges, fostering success through teamwork at PARAMAAH

Our Team

Meet the driving force behind our success - the exceptional team at PARAMAAH

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