Param `aah

In Sanskrit means – “The Highest Goal”

It is our constant endeavour to align ourselves to your Business and IT “Goals”, by understanding your needs and delivering practical, timely and affordable Design and Deployment services that are secure.

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Data Driven Analytics

OpenSource Technologies

DevOps Automation using Open-Source Tools

IT Infrastructure Consulting

Assessment Services

Cloud Services

BCP & DR Consulting


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  • Today, businesses and organizations are under extreme pressure of constantly changing circumstances around the world, which are probably induced by political, social, geographical and economic factors. This clearly affects consumer behaviour, and the business needs to respond to these changes with speed, agility and accuracy. 
  • In order to execute these strategies, businesses turn to the technology teams to be their enablers. Hence, the CTOs and CIOs, along with their IT teams are under constant pressure to deliver what the business needs, but with ever-reducing IT budgets and shrinking turn-around times.
  • Having been in this industry for decades, and having witnessed these trends, first-hand, we truly understand this, and we firmly believe that we do have the knowledge, expertise and commitment to help IT organizations overcome these hurdles, and successfully attain their business and technology goals.


  • We make this happen, by adopting simple, efficient and affordable Open-Source Technologies, which are Software-Defined, hardware-agnostic and with the ability to seamlessly integrate into Cloud (Public & Private) in a secure/protected manner.

Open-Source Technologies that we are competent on include, but are not limited to –

  • DevOps CI/CD Tools – like Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet
  • OpenStack – Nova, Neutron, Ceph, Swift.
    • We have expertise in Open-source distributions of Apache,
    • As well as, other Distributions from Mirantis and RedHat.
  • Server Virtualization & Desktop Virtualization on OpenStack.
  • Build OpenStack-enabled Dashboards, and self-service portals.
  • Public Cloud Management and Integration – AWS, Azure……

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Jithin K.P.

DevOps Engineer

There are so many wonderful things about working for paramaah. My favorite is probably the support of the team to learn and grow. I also love the company culture and enjoy working with everyone.

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Snehasis Shil

Why Open-Source?

There are variety of good reasons to release something under an open source license, from “more perspectives make better software” to “establishing a standard.” It

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Data Driven Analytics

What we offer
Data Gathering
(from Dynamic and Real-Time Sources like Social Media – Facebook/Twitter, Web Crawling, APIs, other publicly available Data)
(from Static Sources like CRM, DataBase, Excel, etc…)

Data Digitization
Many a times the data that you posses maybe in digital format, but it may not be readily consumable for Data Analytics. We help you convert non-structural data source into strucutural data, for Analytics.

Pattern Recognition and Linear Predictive Analysis
We utlize tools along with the experirience of our Data Scientists and experts to recognize re-occuring Patterns in your existing data and then help you linearly predict futuristic values, with acceptable accuracy. Eg: Sales Forecasting.

Behaviourial And Sentiment Analysis
Analyzing the behaviour of consumers, may give deep insights into the acceptance of certain Product/Service in a given market condition. We can co-relate data from different sources and apply Cognitive Computing tools to analyze trends of consumer behaviour, which will allow us to highlight areas of concern and improve strategies.

Predictive Analytics
By Applying Machine Learning algorithms, we can get a sneak peek into the future.

Data Visualization
We use state-of-the-Art Data Visualization Tools to create highly customisable dashboards, which can be Real-Time as well, and can be viewed in your Smart Device, as well as Laptops/Desktops.

Areas / Verticals

  • Product/Service Sales
  • Agriculture
  • Politics
  • Healthcare
  • IOT/Sensor Data

OpenStack Virtualization & Cloud

  • Designing and deployment of OpenStack Components – Nova, Neutron, Ceph, Swift.
  • We have expertise in Open-source distributions of Apache, as well as, other distributions from Mirantis and RedHat.
  • Server Virtualization & Desktop Virtualization on OpenStack.
  • Containerization using Openstack, facilitating Environment agnostic testing of features.
  • Build OpenStack-enabled Dashboards, and self-service portals.
  • Building Private and Hybrid Clouds.
  • Public Cloud Management and Integration – AWS, Azure.
  • Migrating workloads and applications from On-Premise to Public Cloud.

DevOps Automation

  • DevOps CI/CD Tools – like Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet
  • Version Control systems – SVN, Gitlab
  • Monitoring Tools – Zabbix, NagiOS
  • Support with creating Continuous Testing Infrastructure
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • Web Application Firewall – Modsecurity(also Incapsula, Cloudfare which are not Opensource)
  • Opensource Software Firewall like PFsense
  • Log Monitoring – (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) ELK
  • Opensource Service Management Tools : OTRS

We do understand that IT Teams face certain challenges to adopt Open-Source Technologies, like Lack of Skill sets to understand, learn, quickly adopt & maintain. To add to them it becomes increasingly difficult to retain employees on whom company had invested in getting them skilled on Open-Source technologies.

IT Infrastructure Consulting

Paramaah, has also got the experience and expertise to not only help you architect and deploy the mentioned technologies, but also Design, Architect, Size, Recommend and Deploy the Hardware Infrastructure to best suit your needs and pocket.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Hyper-Converged Solutions
  • X86 Servers
  • Networking (Switching & Routing)
  • Storage (SAN, NAS, Object, Scale-Out, Software-Defined)
  • Web Security & Network Security (UTM, IPS / IDS)
  • Data Protection (Backup – Software & Appliances)
  • Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery)

Assessment Services

  • Storage and server scalability assessment 
  • Storage and server performance  assessment 
  • Network assessment
  • Virtualization Hyper Converged Infra assessment
  • Public & Private Cloud assessment services 
  • Wireless access point assessment services
  • Firewall & Security assessment services
  • Backup, Business Continuity & disaster recovery assessment services 

Cloud Services

  • Private to Public Cloud migration services 
  • Cloud monitoring services
  • Cloud deployment services 
  • Back-up to cloud services 
  • Disaster recovery to cloud services 
  • Multi-Cloud deployment services 
  • Cloud to cloud migration services

BCP & DR Consulting

  • Storage replication 
  • Server replication
  • Application redundancy 
  • Setting Up disaster recovery for Physical, Virtual & Cloud environment


  • Open Source tools and technology training
  • Private & Public Cloud training
  • Server & Storage implementation and deployment training
  • Virtualization and HCI training 
  • Network Switching & Routing implementation training 
  • Security technologies implementation and deployment training